Corporate Profile

In 1990, at the dawn of the computer era, our company was founded as a creative office focusing on interface design. We engaged with early interface development projects such as ATM, tourist information service and office equipment systems. In 1997, when the computer interface field flourished with the release of Windows and the rapid expansion of the Internet, we changed the company name to OVALPLAN and worked on advanced interface design projects like multi-media and Internet homepages. In 2002 we moved to our current office on Teramachi Nijo. In 2010 we re-established ourselves focusing on interface development for information services to respond to the change of the business environment where content themselves became more valuable.

  • Company name

    Oval Plan Co., Ltd.

  • Address

    719 Yohojimae-cho Nakagyo-ku
    KYOTO 604-0916 JAPAN
    TEL 075(257)3262 FAX 075(257)3263

  • Establishment

    May 14, 1990

  • Capital

    10 million yen

  • Business

    Information systems planning and design
    Planning and design for user interface
    Management plan and implement programming system

  • Officer

    Ikuo Kobayashi, Representative Director
    Yoko Kobayashi, director
    Hisako Yoshino, director

  • Staff and Commission

    Hitomi Goto
    Tomoko Katayama

  • Cooperative enterprises

    R2 media solutions limited company (Software Development)